Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stupid-easy fennel salad from Italy

One thing I loved about a recent trip to Italy was the simplicity of many dishes, where the combination of flavors trumped complex preparation. I've been re-creating some of them at home, including tonight's salad: fennel, orange and walnut.

Here's the top-secret recipe:

Thinly slice a fresh fennel bulb. Peel an orange and slice it thin, too. Toss them together, drizzle with olive oil, and throw in handful of walnuts. Sprinkle a few of the fennel fronds over it for garnish (and a slightly sharper flavor). Grind some salt and pepper on top to taste. Done.

I served this with grilled Sicilian turkey sausage and a side of sauteed garlic, arugula, and cannellini beans (and a glass of cheap Spanish rosé). Happy Wednesday!

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